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Listening to music legally via the internet is getting easier by the day thanks to the new web services which, through the agreements they have with record companies, make thousands of tracks available to users for no charge.

Despite the huge number of social features which it offers, Imeem's main attraction is its whopping music catalogue for you to listen to absolutely free.

You can listen to the songs you want to hear, create playlists, find songs/albums/artists with the search faciltiy, upload your own tracks and display your tastes in music on your profile, organized according to style, category or label.

Also available is radio, ideal for encountering new artists similar to the ones you listen to already and for adding them to your favourite performers on your profile.catalogue as well as the huge user-base are enough to merit that title.

Not surprisingly, Imeem is being heralded as the 'Youtube' of music, due as much to how it works as to its appearance. Its extensive catalogue as well as its huge user-base are enough to merit that title.
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